Welcome to the web home of me! I'm dumping all sorts of stuff on this site. I launched my own line of audio plugins which can be found at the vesco|fx site. You can also check out my Tone Monster blog for some audio engineering advice or just to nab some POD patches to play your favorite songs. I have also started moving the Malhavok web site over to this space. It is still largely old and cheesy but keeping it here will give me an easier time of updating. Concert reviews are in the Misc section of the site. I really am hoping to add more. Enjoy!

My recommendation is to head directly over to the music page and sample the genius works of Ben Vesco. I once read that if 100 monkeys were locked in a room with 100 typewriters for a long enough period of time, one of them would eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. Does that have any bearing on this website? Only you can decide...


The updates are pretty hard to come by with all the work I'm doing on my other sites. Sorry...

Added a Bandbox music player to the songs page.

Added some embedded youTube players to the pictures page showing some of my musical activities.

New song!!! The Ballad of Stumpy Ron is my latest tune, cowritten with a coworker, featuring vocals by Jason Volz. Check it out with other tunes in the songs section of the site!

The Tone Monster cometh! Check out my new blog to learn all about music production, mastering, and tone in general. The site is relatively new but if it is received well, will continue to receive updates large and small!

Added a concert review for Poison at the Oregon Garden.

I finally have music on iTunes. Check out the music page for purchase links.

I have started my new job at GarageGames as a game developer. I can't really talk about what we're working on at this time, but keep your eyes on the GarageGames website for updates over the next six to eight months.

I am married!

I recorded and mixed some tracks for Jason Volz. They have been added to the songs page.

Added a concert review for Steve Vai and Eric Sardinas at the Roseland in 2005.

Yes, let them shout it from the highest mountain, I am a male model...

Let it be known, that on this day at 12:03 am, Ben got the last word in a conversation with Scott Tucker.

I've started to add more concert reviews to the misc page. Primus and Megadeth shows were added today.

Here's a one minute long song that was written, recorded, and mixed in less than three hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Here's a short article showing you how to hold a guitar pick.

I dug up a concert review I wrote for the G3 show of October 16, 2003.

Posted an interview where I discuss some mixing techniques.

Posted a new picutre set detailing the proper way to prepare a frozen pizza.

Posted a new song Liberty in the music section.

New site launched with a new look. All vistors are welcome!

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