POD HD500 Initial Thoughts

Line 6 have released the next evolutionary step in their modeling family with the POD HD series. The new HD modeling aims to set new standards for routing flexibility, realism, feel and overall quality. Here are my initial thoughts after spending a little time with my new POD HD500 along […] Read more »

DEAL: Link.MIDI 4×4 USB Interface

OVER: This deal has ended. They still have the stupid deal of the day going, but it isn’t for the MIDI controller anymore… The Stupid Deal of the Day is a Link.MIDI 4×4 USB MIDI interface. For all you MIDI addicts out there just getting by on a 1×1 interface, […] Read more »

Line 6 BackTrack and POD Farm

Line 6 have some new portable recording devices coming out soon (BackTrack series) and have revamped their TonePort hardware as POD Studio products (which now include a software plugin, no need for an extra purchase any more). POD Studio GX price check POD Studio UX1 price check POD Studio UX2 […] Read more »

Book Review: The Business of Audio Engineering

The Business of Audio Engineering price check Recommended for you if you are starting out in or considering a career in the audio industry. Alternate title: War Stories – How NOT to get caught in the crossfire. Length: 205 pages split into 15 bite sized chapters and an appendix Share […] Read more »