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POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Balancing Patch Volume

X3 Master Volume This is the main volume for everything. It is kind of like the master fader on a mixer. It controls the outputs of your X3 including the headphone jack. Master Volume has no effect on tone. Line 6 recommend running this as high as possible and this is a good idea from […]

Gearbox guitar Line 6 POD POD X3 (Live) Tips and Tricks

POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Dual Tone Wah

I’ve been having a blast with my new POD X3 Live. The dual tone feature is so much fun to play with. In general, using different things on each of your two tones will fill out the sound and give it more character. Something I tried today was using a different wah pedal on each […]

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POD Patches (Guitar World – Dec 2007)

These tones the tones for the songs transcribed in the December 2007 issue of Guitar World. They are billed as POD patches but will work on any Line 6 gear supported by Line 6 Edit or GearBox. This should include Vetta II, HD 147, Flextone III, POD XT, POD X3, GuitarPort, and TonePort. You can […]

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Line 6 brings it with TonePort UX8

Even more great stuff is coming soon from Line 6. I’ve using the TonePort UX2 for a few years now. It is a great unit for quickly capturing quality tracks without fussing with a bunch of setup. Using a mixer with a conventional soundcard is a necessity to minimize setup time for recording but you […]