Analogue versus Digital: Can YOU tell the difference?

As digital gear becomes more prevalent I see the same question asked over and over again, “Should I record using the analogue outs or use the USB (or S/PDIF) outputs?” The popular answer is, “keep it digital or you’ll lose sound quality!” Is there any merit to this claim that […] Read more »

POD X3 Dual tone demos

The tones from the Line 6 dual tone tour were curiously not included in the factory presets of POD X3. Eventually the creator of the guitar tones did make them available as a bundle. Working with bundles can be a bit cumbersome, especially before the dawn of Gearbox for POD […] Read more »

POD X3 Live factory presets

Here are the Gearbox compatible preset files for the extra factory presets in POD X3. The zip file should extract to a number of folders, each matching the name of a preset folder of POD X3. The introduction of Gearbox software for POD X3 is a great help to the […] Read more »