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Phat Drums: New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 2)

Continued from New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 1) Step 3: The parallel drum compressor Waves Mercury Bundle price check The API plugins from waves sound great and are used to create the sounds for this article. They are a bit pricey but well worth every penny. Time to have some fun and add the […]

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Phat Drums: New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 1)

Drums are one of the hardest things to get right in a “home” recording. Big studios have plenty of outboard gear and a cabinet full of microphones. They often have the leisure of tracking drums to analog tape and later bouncing to digital. In light of this all, you may be surprised to learn drums […]

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Line 6 brings it with TonePort UX8

Even more great stuff is coming soon from Line 6. I’ve using the TonePort UX2 for a few years now. It is a great unit for quickly capturing quality tracks without fussing with a bunch of setup. Using a mixer with a conventional soundcard is a necessity to minimize setup time for recording but you […]

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Taming Vocals: Compressors In Series

Taming vocals can be a very tough job. I have a few techniques that I use based on the song I’m mixing and the vocalist on record. A few ways to tame a vocalist are “riding” the fader, compressors, other dynamics processors, EQ, and even reverb. Sometimes you will use a combination of all of […]