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Home Recording Basics: 1 – Getting set up

So, you want to record yourself, your band, or someone else at home. You have never recorded anything on a computer and are not sure where to start. The first thing you want to do is ignore everything complex and simply try to get used to the idea of recording on a computer. This article […]

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Mix Recipes: Bass EQ and Compression

The bass guitar is an important element of every contemporary mix even though it rarely plays a prominent role. Sometimes the bass is felt rather than heard while other mixes have the bass in a much more audible sonic space. Your home recording studio is well equipped to shape your bass tracks as long as […]

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Vocal mixing: silence is golden

There are a lot of little noises that can sneak in between phrases. These extra noises are not noticed while the vocalist is singing but you don’t want to hear bleed from headphones, rustling paper, or any other distractions in between. It is quite common in the home recording studio world to put a noise […]

Home Studio recording The Digital Age

What is latency? (and why you don’t care)

Latency is a word you hear thrown around the digital audio world quite a bit. A lot of people use the word latency to mean a lot of different things, and often are not clear on what it does actually mean or how it will affect their home studio workflow. You will often hear salesmen […]

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Connect your home studio using a small mixer

Your home studio is a place for you to exercise your creativity. Often this must be squeezed between going to work, taking out the garbage, getting the kids to bed on time, and sleeping once in a while. You don’t want to spend a lot of time wiring gear together no matter how little or […]

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Gearbox Plugin Silver $99, OVER

The Musician’s Friend stupid deal of the day for today is the Line 6 GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle. This is a VST and AU compatible plugin that gets you the sounds of Line 6 POD, Bass POD, and even a half dozen vocal preamps all within your DAW software of choice as a plugin effect. […]

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Vocal Mic Selection

I have always thought it was important to choose your first vocal mic carefully. After you build your home studio mic collection you may find a number of mics in your cabinet which could all work wonders on a vocal recording. Once you have the luxury of multiple mics at your disposal it can be […]

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Phat Drums: New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 2)

Continued from New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 1) Step 3: The parallel drum compressor Waves Mercury Bundle price check The API plugins from waves sound great and are used to create the sounds for this article. They are a bit pricey but well worth every penny. Time to have some fun and add the […]

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Phat Drums: New York Style Parallel Compression (Part 1)

Drums are one of the hardest things to get right in a “home” recording. Big studios have plenty of outboard gear and a cabinet full of microphones. They often have the leisure of tracking drums to analog tape and later bouncing to digital. In light of this all, you may be surprised to learn drums […]

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POD X3 Live Patches: Tracking Lead Guitar for “Stumpy Ron”

Today I worked on recording the guitar solo for The Ballad of Stumpy Ron. Of course my Line 6 POD X3 Live is all over that! I wanted the solo to sound a bit like Tony Iommi with a little C.C. DeVille sprinkled on top and be very energetic in timbre. Strange mix, I know, […]