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Helix DSP Allocations

Premium Helix Patches

Vesco’s Helix Patch Sorter

Helix Artist Tone Demos Playlist

Helix Tips and Tricks Playlist


POD HD500 first impressions

POD HD Tips and Tricks

POD X3 and POD XT era devices

New stuff! Check out the new BackTrack series of portable recorders coming soon from Line 6.

Release notes for POD X3 Pro, Lowdown amps, and looper station are here.

POD X3 Updates!

New Monkey, new flash memory, new firmware, new GEARBOX, new Workbench!! Read about it.

Take the test: can you tell the difference? (analogue vs. digital)

Take the test: can you tell the difference? (high sample rates)

Deals on Line 6 products
POD Tips and Tricks

Looking to get the most out of your POD? These articles cover some new ways to think about using your gear or just offer tips to use the old ways to do new things!

POD Patches

How do I get the sound of my favorite band/guitar player? This is the place to start. Though these are POD patches, you can use the amp settings on any modeler or even as a starting place for tweaking your actual amp.

POD X3 Factory Preset Lists

POD X3 did not come with a list of factory installed presets. I posted these pages as reference. The lists includes the amp model (or models) used for each patch. The list of song based presets include which particular artists each patch is based on.

Additional Line 6 Info

This information has a more technical side to it where the rest of the information on this page focuses on the practical use of your POD.

Other web sites of interest to Line 6 product owners

If you can’t get enough Line 6 info to keep you happy, check out these other great sites.

My Line 6 History

I have had a long and fulfilling relationship with the Line 6 POD series. I started off with the original bean back in 1998. POD XT came out in 2003 and I got one right away. The next step up was 2007 when I got my shiny POD X3 Live. As a bass player I have also owned and used a Bass POD and later a Bass POD XT. I used an ART X-15 Ultrafoot for controlling my early PODs but stepped up to the FBV Shortboard for my XT series units, but now I just use integrated X3 Live pedalboard. My computer gave thanks when I picked up a TonePort UX2 for it on Thanksgiving of 2005. You can hear Line 6 technology on almost every recording on this site and my personal site

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I’m looking for a Patch Wizard/ Sound Diver type of software for backing up my AX2 that I have had for years. I used to have the software on a laptop that was stolen during a home break in. Any Ideas? Evidently, is gone. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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