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POD HD 500 Tips And Tricks: Volume/Wah with toe switch

POD HD 500 does not automatically assign the toe switch for volume/wah. Here is how to set it up.

  1. Start on a patch with two open fx slots
  2. Put a volume pedal in one slot
  3. Put a wah pedal in another slot
  4. Hold ENTER until POD goes into FS ASSIGN mode
  5. With wah selected, press the toe switch (should now show EXP TOE SWITCH in the display
  6. With volume selected, turn knob 1 until display shows NONE to make volume pedal stay on all the time (there’s no reason to turn it off really)
  7. Press VIEW to exist FS ASSIGN mode

That’s all there is to getting your POD HD set up to toe switch between volume and wah.

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10 replies on “POD HD 500 Tips And Tricks: Volume/Wah with toe switch”

So, is this true :
– you now can assign anything to toeswitch like volume / wah, volume/effect, wah/effect, effect1/effect2 ? I think with the X3, it is limited to the available options (and if I remember well the one I wanted wasn’t there…).
– you can disable the toe switch ? This is a feature I requested for X3 but they told me they don’t add features anymore…

If it’s true, this is something really interesting

– It is true you can assign anything that is switchable to the toe switch. Want it to turn on your reverb? Go for it.

– It is true you can have the toe switch assigned to nothing so pressing it does nothing.

You can also assign multiple things to the toe switch at the same time.

The volume pedal will turn “off” when the the wah turns on. Like other dual volume/wah systems, this also means the volume pedal goes to 100% on when you toe down to switch on the wah.

Hey man,

Question about POD wah. I set up a patch with wah I don’t use volume pedals I find the noise gate takes care of any cancelling. My problem is when I set up a patch with wah on it with toe switch assigned Sometimes When I change patch and then go back I press to toe switch to turn the wah on and the expression pedal doesn’t control it. Everything is assigned properly as far as I can see. I use the HD edit software to set up my patches. and I operate my Pod in Pedal mode. Can you help?

I have noticed some wonkiness when using the pedal while HD500 Edit is attached. Try unplugging the USB and see if the problem clears up. Line 6 tech support might be your next best bet if it is still broken.

sorry, I’m Taiwanese . I don’t know what is the toe switch and where it is. Can you tell me more details about the toe switch. Is it a another pedal to buy? I can’t do the 5 step. Thanks.

@yun — the toe switch is beneath the pedal — you have to step on the pedal until it is fully depressed, then put your weight on it. There is a switch under there. I don’t think Line 6 explains this well. Hope this helps.

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