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Mixing Library

Mixing is certainly a specialized craft but I believe in learning all I can about my craft. Much of my time is occupied by reading about mixing, talking about mixing, thinking about mixing, and actually mixing. This page is intended to serve as a resource for finding some interesting mixing related material to help you hone your own craft. Our home studio is our playground and there are many books available to help us learn the ropes.

Recommended books

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools
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This book covers a lot of higher level concepts without as much rubber meets the road type advice. A large portion of the book is devoted to talking about tools (as the title implies) with an entire chapter devoted to describing the function of controls found on a typical mixer. This book is absolutely recommended to beginners, but has pockets of information that can be enjoyed by more experienced mixers looking to hone their chops a bit. One of the greatest aspects of the included DVD is the library of sound clips demonstrating critical listening.

The Musician’s Guide To Home Recording
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This is an older book that is still a very valuable resource. It also includes some sections that will be mundane for the more experienced engineer (explanation of what an EQ does). The most appealing part of this book is the inclusion of very detailed pictures showing mic positioning on drums, guitar, piano and a few other instruments. It also includes some mix recipe style sections giving hints and tips about actual mix processing. The book has a definite slant toward the rock mix and doesn’t cover any non-standard instruments.

The Business of Audio Engineering
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  • The Business of Audio Engineering is recommended for you if you are starting out in or considering a career in the audio industry.
  • Alternate title: War Stories – How NOT to get caught in the crossfire.
  • Length: 205 pages split into 15 bite sized chapters and an appendix.

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Other books on mixing

The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Mixing and Mastering Audio Recordings

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Second Edition

Basic Mixing Techniques (The Basic Series)

Basic Effects & Processors (Basic)

Sound Advice on Recording and Mixing Vocals (Instant Pro)

Sound Advice on Recording and Mixing Guitars

Sound Advice on Compressors, Limiters, Expanders, & Gates (Instantpro Series)

Sound Advice on Mixing (Instantpro Series)

Sound Advice on Recording and Mixing Drums (Instantpro Book & CD)

Sound Advice on Equalizers, Reverbs & Delays (Instantpro Series)

The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production, Second Edition

Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits

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