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Line 6 brings it with TonePort UX8

Even more great stuff is coming soon from Line 6. I’ve using the TonePort UX2 for a few years now. It is a great unit for quickly capturing quality tracks without fussing with a bunch of setup. Using a mixer with a conventional soundcard is a necessity to minimize setup time for recording but you still have to get everything connected to that mixer and routed properly when you are ready to lay down tracks. The TonePort series give you minimum need for setup and routing. Just plug in to the unit, select your sound source, and hit record. The UX8 is looking even cooler. The unit has eight hardware mic preamps with hardware gain controls right on the front panel and some nice routing and monitoring options. The thing that really impresses me with this unit is the inclusion of the Line 6 GearBox plugin for free! Yes, for free with the purchase of the UX8. I have long thought the GearBox plugin should be free with all Line 6 hardware. It just makes sense. Home recording and pro studio enthusiasts owe it to themselves to check out the TonePort UX8.

Line 6 TonePort UX8 price check

Line 6 TonePort UX8 Recording Interface