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POD X3 Firmware Updates

Line 6 have updated POD X3 to flash memory version 1.12

Update February 29, 2008. New stuff!!!

A new version of Line 6 Monkey is available today. Get it from the software download area of Line The new Monkey is version 1.23 and provides access to several new POD X3 features.

  • POD X3 USB Firmware is updated from version 1.00 to version 1.01.
  • POD X3 Flash Memory is updated from version 1.02 to version 1.11 (details below).
  • A new version of the manual is coming around the first week of March available (download from the manuals section of the Line 6 site or from my site).

Details of the new POD X3 flash memory

New features

  • A-B MODE – Pressing DUAL TONE switch in a patch with TONE 2 turned off will audibly toggle between Tone 1 and Tone 2. This has been a highly requested feature that many were surprised was not included in the initial release. Line 6 have listened to their customers and made this excellent improvement.
  • DELAY REMAIN – When using A-B MODE, delays will trail when switching between Tone 1 and Tone 2 within a single patch. This is the first POD in a long time to include delay spillover capability for patch changes. Coupled with the previously mentioned new feature, this is a great improvement to the unit. This was also a feature requested frequently by customers.

Bug fixes

  • Assigning the COMP/BOOST switch to LOOP now stores properly.
  • Assigning the COMP/BOOST switch to REVERB now stores properly.
  • TUNER is now preserving MUTE setting properly.
  • POD X3 Live LOOP set to POST with MIX at 100% with a MONO connection passes signal in full stereo.
  • Patch switching with BEAN and FBV is improved.
  • VARIAX family products are now treated properly in POD X3 Live – 300/600 and 500/700 electric are recognized as one family.
  • VARIAX control from POD X3 Live is now complete.

Undocumented changes (courtesy of the Line 6 community)

  • PEDAL ASSIGNMENT – Removed. It was previously possible to assign one or both expression pedals on a per amp basis. It is now only possible to assign expression pedals to the same setting for both amps.
  • TONE 2 LOCK – Fixed. Changing the lock status and immediately powering off will retain the new lock status on powerup.
  • WRONG PATCH NAMES – Fixed. Switching some banks and selecting A would flash the A patch name, then switch to the D patch name, but the sound you’d hear would still be the A patch.
  • SYSTEM PAGE – This is now split into two pages.
  • TWEAK – This setting on the system page is now available per amp.
  • COMP – This setting on the system page is now available per amp.
  • VOL BLOCK – On the home page this block can no longer be turned on/off.
  • * – The * indicated an edited patch stays (with your edits) after turning POD X3 off and back on again.

Thanks to Line 6 community members mr_slugworth and ClassicalDad for help in compiling this list.

Gearbox compatibility delayed

To no one’s surprise, Gearbox compatibility has been delayed just a bit longer. Line 6 have posted a note in the forums about this update and delay. Line 6 Monkey provides the capability to authorize the Gearbox Plugin on your POD X3 but this does not work. I already tried it on your behalf. Line 6 Monkey makes it look like the process is working. Attempting to use the plugin shows the true story though. The plugin loads as an unauthorized demo. I am certainly looking forward to the release of Gearbox compatibility for POD X3 as much as all of you. Be certain there will be a post here when it comes!