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Line 6 POD X3 software updates: Gearbox, Workbench, Flash Memory

This is the mother lode we have all been waiting for. Line 6 have brought POD X3 up to full compatibility with their software including Gearbox and Workbench.

POD X3 Flash Memory 1.12

New features/updates/fixes:

  • Pedal assignment is again independent per tone, now accessible via the System Page.
  • Footswitch assignment is independant per tone.
  • All messages required for communication with GearBox software have been added.
  • All messages required for communication with Workbench software have been added.
  • Console and Modern Mic Pre parameters no longer require an off/on toggle before audible changes occur.

Known issues:

  • Variax Bass 705 does not send/receive correct parameter ids for bass parameters.
  • Rounding differences between the internals of POD X3 and Gearbox can cause differences in display. There will be no sonic difference, it is an issue of display only. Internal representation is identical.

Gearbox 3.6

New features/updates/fixes:

  • This version of GearBox software adds support for POD X3 and POD X3 Live.
  • GearBox plugin now supported for POD X3 series hardware.

Known issues:

  • Typing in GuitarPort Online text fields causes system alert sounds (Mac only).
  • Player cannot open mono audio files (Mac only).
  • Master and Record section controls stay active in Tuner mode with no audible effect, but the app will resync all parameters when exiting Tuner mode.
  • Drive knob redraw can be sluggish when controlling from X3 hardware (Mac only). Turning the knob in software does not result in sluggish response.
  • Changing Variax models during ‘Tone Transfer’ can cause MIDI device timeout error. Please allow Tone Transfer to complete before changing Variax models
  • Vocal presets default POD X3 input to guitar instead of mic due to them being created prior to POD X3 hardware.
  • Software does not prompt to save on exit
  • GearBox app defaults to Variax Electric panel. If an acoustic or bass is connected, please select the proper Variax type manually.
  • Rapid switching of Variax via 5 way selector switch on the guitar can cause the software to get out of sync with the currently selected Variax model
  • Tones can get out of sync when doing special case tone selection. This includes tone swap, Lock Tone loading, and choosing to only load Tone 1 or Tone 2 of a patch from the X3 hardware. Please use the software to choose tones, or double click a different tone in the editor to resync.
  • Help does not open Acrobat Reader when selected from GearBox (Windows Vista with Acrobat 8 only)

Variax Workbench 1.54

New features/updates/fixes:

  • This version of Workbench software adds support for POD X3 Live.

Known issues:

  • Communication can be sluggish. This can result in slow initial loading of Variax models, pickup dragging, audio for alt tunings or sluggish graphic draws. These issues are more common on Mac than PC.
  • Using the X3 hardware to change models can cause the software and hardware to get out of sync. Please use either Variax Workbench software or the Variax itself for model and parameter selection.
  • Disconnecting USB when launching or running Workbench can cause the program to hang, or cause trouble quitting the program.
  • Hot swapping Variax guitars can cause loss of communication.
  • Operating the X3 Live while launching Workbench (changing presets, turning the Select knob, etc.) can cause a MIDI timeout error.

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