POD HD500 Initial Thoughts

Line 6 have released the next evolutionary step in their modeling family with the POD HD series. The new HD modeling aims to set new standards for routing flexibility, realism, feel and overall quality. Here are my initial thoughts after spending a little time with my new POD HD500 along with some comparisons to the unit’s direct ancestor, POD X3 Live.

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Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi Effects Processor
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Line 6 POD HD400 Guitar Multi Effects Processor
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Line 6 POD HD300 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

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Mix Recipes: Clear and present vocals

Getting your vocals to sit right on top at the front of your mix is desirable for any vocal focused song. Lackluster vocal production is like a glowing neon sign that says, “home studio recording!” This tutorial covers a simple mix recipe for getting your vocals right out there in the front of your mix with clarity and presence. Show me the recipe

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Mix Recipes: Heavy guitar Haas and EQ

There are many approaches to mixing heavy guitar tracks. Striking a balance between clarity and thickness is a constant struggle. There is a general tendency in the recording of heavy music to layer many guitar tracks, but how do you maintain that razor’s edge clarity of a single track? Here is a mix recipe to take a double tracked rhythm guitar, give it the thickness and stereo spread of a quad tracked guitar but the clarity of a single tracked guitar. This technique will also work on guitar styles other than metal.

Show me the recipe

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DEAL: Link.MIDI 4×4 USB Interface

OVER: This deal has ended. They still have the stupid deal of the day going, but it isn’t for the MIDI controller anymore…

The Stupid Deal of the Day is a Link.MIDI 4×4 USB MIDI interface. For all you MIDI addicts out there just getting by on a 1×1 interface, this is your chance to step up your game and get true multi-IO going. Click the “Stupid Deal” banner to check it out.

Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day

These things are over half off their normal price and a third MSRP. Musician’s Friend runs a new stupid deal each day and sometimes they sell out. If you are at all interested then you should jump on it now.

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POD X3 Pro Tips & Tricks: MIDI CC Chart

Here is the long awaited MIDI CC chart for POD X3 Pro. Once Line 6 implement MIDI in POD X3 Live (and hopefully POD X3 over USB) I would imagine these CC numbers will be accurate for those units too.

Tone 1 of your POD X3 responds to CC on the configured MIDI channel while Tone 2 responds to MIDI CC one channel higher. For example, if your POD X3 Pro is set to communicate on MIDI channel 3 then Tone 2 will communicate one channel higher, on channel 4. I have fully tested all these CC with my POD X3 Pro with flash memory 1.00 and USB firmware 1.00 installed in the unit.


POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.1
POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.0

POD X3 Pro
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Line 6 POD X3 Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor
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