POD X3 Pro Tips & Tricks: MIDI CC Chart

Here is the long awaited MIDI CC chart for POD X3 Pro. Once Line 6 implement MIDI in POD X3 Live (and hopefully POD X3 over USB) I would imagine these CC numbers will be accurate for those units too.

Tone 1 of your POD X3 responds to CC on the configured MIDI channel while Tone 2 responds to MIDI CC one channel higher. For example, if your POD X3 Pro is set to communicate on MIDI channel 3 then Tone 2 will communicate one channel higher, on channel 4. I have fully tested all these CC with my POD X3 Pro with flash memory 1.00 and USB firmware 1.00 installed in the unit.


POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.1
POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.0

POD X3 Pro
Price Check
Line 6 POD X3 Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor
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Mix Recipes: Tom EQ and compression

A great drum track is at the core of most modern popular music. Other mix recipes have covered the snare drum and kick drum, and now it is time to talk about toms. The toms can be used to add texture to particular drum fills and section transitions or they can drive an entire song. No matter which role they are filling in your track, it is important to get a sound that will allow them to cut through the mix and be noticed. Here are some helpful mix recipes to get you started with EQ and compression on your tom tracks. Get mix recipes for toms

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Home recording studio on a budget

Computers have made building an advanced home recording studio a reality for many of us. It has also caused a flooding of the market by dozens of products (and more) that all basically do the same thing. The sea of marketing created in this environment has left quite a few home recording enthusiasts scratching their heads in confusion. Below you will find some basic recommendations on the key equipment needed to start your own home recording studio. Find out more

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DEAL: AKG Perception 200 condenser OVER

This deal is OVER, and the mic is back to its regular price.

The Stupid Deal of the Day is for an AKG Perception 200 condenser microphone. This is a great mic to have in your home recording studio. After an SM57 or three, a decent large diaphragm condenser is the next mic purchase I recommend for the small recording studio operator and this mic will fill the role marvelously.

Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day

Normal street price on this baby is $160 but click the Stupid Deal picture to get it at about 40% off. Today only!

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FX Tips – Delay: Extra wide stereo

Here is another stereo mixing trick to go along with the Haas, cross, and panned delay tricks. This technique creates a stereo sound that fills the room and appears to come from all sides of the listener’s head at the same time. The basic idea is to start with a mono track panned dead center and invert the phase one one of the channels. Your digital home recording setup is quite likely already equipped to perform this trick. Show me how to set it up

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Line 6: POD X3 Pro and other new products

It is now possible to preorder three of these new products with expected shipping dates revealed.

Line 6 POD X3 Pro Guitar Multi Effects Processor Line 6 POD X3 Pro price check
Estimated shipping date: October 27, 2008.
Ben’s best guess street price: $700
Line 6 M13 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Line 6 M13 price check
Estimated shipping date: July 25, 2008 Shipping
Ben’s best guess street price: $500
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver Line 6 JM4 price check
Estimated shipping date: July 9, 2008 Shipping
Ben’s best guess street price: $325.

More information and pictures

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Spotlight: Digitech’s “The Weapon”

DigiTech Artist Series Dan Donegan The Weapon Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

price check

It is no secret that I’m a big fan of the Line 6 tones and method of doing things. Back before POD XT had the Metal Shop amp pack, there weren’t really any outright, crushingly good metal tones on that unit. I experimented with integrated The Weapon into my setup to fill this gap. Though a bit focused in the type of metal tones it offers, this pedal sounds fantastic. I did eventually sell the pedal but I have regretted it ever since. Check out this sound sample of me playing through all the settings of The Weapon straight into my computer.

Be sure to pay special attention to the sitar sound around 2:30 of the clip.

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