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DEAL: Free ToneCore module with purchase

Line 6 are offering a few ToneCore module with purchase of any ToneCore pedal. The ToneCore effects pedal system is modular allowing you to swap modules between pedals to create a customizable pedal board.


DEAL: Gearbox Plugin Gold Bundle

UPDATE: This is the new base price for Gold Bundle Get one before they’re all gone. This is a screamin’ deal! It costs the same as Silver Bundle! Today’s stupid deal of the day is the Gearbox Plugin Gold Bundle. Now is your chance to grab it at the same price as the Silver bundle. […]

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FX Tips – Delay: Slight stereo

Here is another trick for using a delay to create a bit of a stereo effect on a mono track. The basic idea is to pan the mono track slightly to one side (one to three o’clock should do it) and add a delay that is panned about the same amount to the other side […]

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Analogue versus Digital: Can YOU tell the difference?

As digital gear becomes more prevalent I see the same question asked over and over again, “Should I record using the analogue outs or use the USB (or S/PDIF) outputs?” The popular answer is, “keep it digital or you’ll lose sound quality!” Is there any merit to this claim that sound quality is lost if […]

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POD Patches: Lincoln Brewster guitar sounds

Lincoln Brewster’s guitar sounds have been respected by many. He also happens to be a very high profile player of POD X3 Live. His tone is sought after by many aspiring guitarists due to his using such a readily available and affordable piece of gear for his tone. While copping his patches exactly can give […]


DEAL: AKG Perception 150 small diaphragm condenser OVER

This deal has expired. Today’s stupid deal of the day is the AKG Perception 150 small diaphragm condenser mic. The deal is good only for today. These are great mics and would fit great into any home recording studio mic cabinet. They normally go for about $130 but are much cheaper for today’s deal. The […]

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REAPER: tempo mapping

You may have seen my tutorials on creating grooves with EZDrummer and creating custom drum tracks with Jamstix 2. These are great when creating a song recording from scratch, but what if you have an existing recording to add drums for? What about taking any existing recording and adding some midi synths to spruce up […]

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Gearbox tips & tricks: Using bass mics with guitar amps.

It is no secret that you can mix and match guitar amps with bass cabs and bass amps with guitar cabs on any Line 6 modeler that has both guitar amps and bass amps. A more subtle side effect of this is the ability to use the guitar mics on bass cabs and bass mics […]

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Miking drums

Miking drums is a subject that seems to be surrounded by a lot of voodoo in the home recording studio. I know it was certainly something I had a lot of agony over for years. Truth be told, there are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to putting microphones on drums. The […]

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POD Patches – Guitar World (May 2008)

Here are some guitar tones I cooked up to go with the May issue of Guitar World. Every month I make some POD patches to go along with the transcriptions I play through while practicing. People always end up asking me for the POD settings so here they are. You can download the patches in […]