dfh EZdrummer tutorial 1: Building a groove track

Toontrack’s EZdrummer is a VST plugin that functions as a drum machine. Anyone needing to create drum tracks in their home recording studio owe it to themselves to check it out. This tutorial gives an overview of how to use the build in groove library to get a drum track up and running very quickly. Show me how to use those tasty EZdrummer grooves

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POD Patches – Guitar World (April 2008)

Every month I try to write some cool POD patches to go along with my subscription to Guitar World. I authored these patches on my POD X3 Live but you can use them on any Line 6 device or any other modeler that has appropriate amp models. Boss GT-8, V-Amp, Digitech modelers, you name it, you can probably type these and and make them sound pretty cool. This month I got to play around a bit with Amplitube 2 and Guitar Rig 3 so there are some sound samples and patches for those modelers as well. Which do you think sound best? Give me the patches! »

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POD X3 Firmware Updates

Line 6 have updated POD X3 to flash memory version 1.12

Update February 29, 2008. New stuff!!!

A new version of Line 6 Monkey is available today. Get it from the software download area of Line 6.com. The new Monkey is version 1.23 and provides access to several new POD X3 features.

  • POD X3 USB Firmware is updated from version 1.00 to version 1.01.
  • POD X3 Flash Memory is updated from version 1.02 to version 1.11 (details below).
  • A new version of the manual is coming around the first week of March available (download from the manuals section of the Line 6 site or from my site).

Show me the details

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FX Tips – Delay: Cross delay

Cross delay is a trick that can be used on a track having different information on the left and right channels to enhance the lushness of the stereo image. You can use this trick on drum overheads, chorused guitar sounds, stereo keyboard patches, or any other non-mono audio track in your home recording. Here is how to make it work. Show me

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Gearbox Plugin: Awesome deals

A few days ago, Musician’s Friend featured the Line 6 Gearbox Plugin Silver bundle as their Stupid Deal Of The Day at $100. Normally the plugin can’t be had for less than $300. It would seem this was only a hint at things to come as now the Silver and Gold bundles are available at bargain basement prices. Show me the deals»

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Home Recording Basics: 3 – Recording tracks

In Home Recording Basics 1 we covered configuring your computer for recording. Home Recording Basics 2 showed you how to create and save a new project. In this installment of Home Recording Basics we are going to talk about recording your first tracks. After going through this tutorial you should be well on your way to a home studio addiction that can last you a lifetime. Read more »

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Home Recording Basics: 1 – Getting set up

So, you want to record yourself, your band, or someone else at home. You have never recorded anything on a computer and are not sure where to start. The first thing you want to do is ignore everything complex and simply try to get used to the idea of recording on a computer. This article is for you and will walk you through the process of installing your home recording software all the way to recording your first few tracks. Help me get started»

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GREAT DEAL: Active direct box, OVER

This deal is over

Found a great deal on an active direct box. The unit is $10 off the normal price and is just over half the MSRP.

ART Phantom l Active Direct Box

ART Phantom l Active Direct Box price check

  • Connect your amp’s speaker output directly to a mixer input
  • Eliminate ground loops between a sound source and your mixer
  • Connect unbalanced sources to balanced XLR inputs on your mixer

This deal is listed as the retailer’s deal of the day so it will be expired by tomorrow.

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