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POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Switching between amps 1 and 2

Three things are on the mind of most new X3 owners:

  • How do I switch between amp 1 and amp 2?
  • The silent gap when I switch patches is killing me!
  • Where are my spillover delay and reverb?

We can kill all of these birds with one stone. The key is using the volume pedal. If you have an X3L (X3 Live) you are set with everything you need. X3 (bean) owners will need the FBV Shortboard or some other footcontroller solution. I’ve listed some below that should work with your X3. Here is how to switch between amp 1 and amp 2 while eliminating the silence during a patch switch:

  • Set up amp 1 and amp 2 however you like (clean/dirty, rhythm/solo, etc.)
  • On the amp 1 Home page, navigate to the Vol block and double click it to edit
  • Set the Min to 0% and the Max to 100%
  • Switch to amp 2 (this should leave you on the Volume Pedal edit page and you should see a 2 in the upper right corner of the screen where there was previously a 1)
  • Set the Min to 100% and the Max to 0%

That is all there is to it. You are now set with full toe up as amp 2 and full toe down as amp 1. You can of course reverse these so it is the other way around, whichever makes more sense to you.

Now you have:

  • switching between amps
  • no silence of any length between patch changes
  • spillover of any time based effects that are after the volume pedal in the signal chain

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Line 6 POD X3 LIVE Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal
Line 6 FBV Express Foot Controller

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This guy doesn’t give a lot of control but it does allow basic patch switching and gives you a pedal to work with.
Line 6 FBV Shortboard Footcontroller

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This pedal gives you a lot of control over your X3 bean.

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I`m from Eastern Europe…and all I can say is that:
Man, don`t are Line 6 user`s salvation…!
Keep going…you are unbelievebel..
Thanks for everything you do for this community..
God bless you !

With the pedal at half way, you can get a nice mix. But I noticed a sag in volume when the pedal was half way down. So I experimented and came up with a way to maintain volume when the pedal is in the half way position.

Tone 1 — Min 100%, Max 25%
Tone 2 — Min 25%, Max 100%

It seems like it adds a little volume at either end, but that can be rolled off with the guitar’s volume knob.

I am interested in blending an effect with the volume pedal. For instance. I like using tremolo but i dont want to click it on, I want to blend the tremolo effect into my tone. Is there an easy way to do that?

don’t know if thenet would check this after 6 months, but this can be done by assigning the pedal to control tone. This will relegate the pedal to only control that parameter on that particular patch to controlling only the tone variation (not volume as well). You can use a separate pedal (like the EX-1) and assign each pedal to different functions as well.

can anyone go thru a dual tone set up start to finish ? what swicthes to press etc im stuck thanx

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