Getting Back To My Roots – Tones For Line 6 POD

I’m getting back to my roots! Yes, it is time to start posting high quality tones again. I got my first taste of internet fame doing tones for the Line 6 POD. That old web site still gets a ton of hits and hasn’t been updated in years! I’m going to start creating tones for this site on a (hopefully) monthly basis. These tones will be created on my Line 6 POD X3 Live, but will also work with POD XT, Vetta, Vetta, Flextone III, TonePort (UX1, UX2, UX8, KB33), Guitar Port, and any other Line 6 gear that can be controlled from Line 6 Edit or Guitar Port software. Manual tones (tones you can just dial in from your knobs) were a highly requested feature of my old site that I never added. This site will include manual settings for all the patches. The cool thing about manual tones is you can dial them in to any amp, whether it be a supported Line 6 product, Behringer V-Amp, Roland VG, or any other modeling product. And if you happen to own some really cool amps and pedals, you can dial them in there too! Look for the launch of tones within a few days.

You can access my old tone archives at Malhavok’s World