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POD X3 Live factory presets

Here are the Gearbox compatible preset files for the extra factory presets in POD X3. The zip file should extract to a number of folders, each matching the name of a preset folder of POD X3. The introduction of Gearbox software for POD X3 is a great help to the home recording studio. Adding Gearbox Plugin to your POD X3 gives you the full capability of the Gold Bundle with all the guitar, bass and vocal amp models.

POD X3 factory presets for Gearbox

You can also look here for more factory bass sounds for your POD X3

A note on Gearbox

As of Gearbox version 3.60, there is a bug which prevents dual tones from showing up in the tone locker. There are two workarounds to load these presets:

  • Workaround 1: From the File menu, choose Dual Tones and then click Open where you can browse for the preset.
  • Workaround 2: Click directly on the patch name (the yellow box at the top) and you will get a dropdown list of all the POD patches on your machine. The blends and pairs will properly show on this list.

Lists of the presets contained can be found in these places (all presets are included in this download):

Note: Somewhere around version 1.01 there was a bug introduced where some of the presets using Line 6 Insane are now incorrectly using Line 6 JTS-45 as the amp model. You will find a few of these broken patches in this collection. The patches downloadable here are exactly what you find in POD X3 1.12, warts and all.

Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 LIVE Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal

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Line 6 POD X3
Line 6 POD X3 Guitar Multi Effect Processor

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The great folks over at have decided to mirror this file. If you can’t get it here, get it there. The site is also a highly recommended source for news related to all things Line 6.

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Thanks so much for getting these organized and doing what L6 should have from the start!

Somebody from the Line 6 forum had sent me to this site. Some great info here. I am looking for some vocal pre-sets. I have the Toneport UX2 and Gearbox software. There are some vocal pre-sets already installed in my software. I am attempting to perhaps find some different ones. I clicked on the link on your opening page and that brought me to a bunch of pre-sets there. The vocal ones, are the ones that are already there. Is there some other ones available? Thanks in advance.

There are a few vocal settings in the vocal folder that aren’t in the stock UX2 bundle. Also be sure to check out the “pairs” folder as it has a bunch of vocal sounds in it as well.


I downloaded these presets. How do I get them loaded
in to my X3 Live? Do I have to have Gearbox/



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