Pantera, Sepultura, Prong - Portland Meadows 07/10/1994

Random Thoughts...

Diamond Darrel (of Pantera, later Dimebag Darrell) was riding around on a golf cart taking video. Back in those days he was always doing that round the world trying to get lots of footage to cut into their Vulgar Video releases. He had a halloween mask on of some kind of demonic gorilla. They were mostly driving the cart around on the outside of the venue's fence, an area off limits to fans. At one point though he did come over to the fence and smoke some weed with some fans who were offering. I don't smoke weed, so I fail to understand the attraction... The was during the time Prong were playing their set, so I actually ended up missing most of it. I do have vague memories of hearing the words snap your fingers, snap your neck as Dime was launching some bottle rockets off the front of the golf cart!

The music of Sepultura is something I appreciate but do not have a lot of their albums. They played great and at this time Max Cavalera was still in the band. Phil Anselmo (of Pantera) was invited on stage to sing their last song with them which I thought was pretty cool that he did it. At the end of the song, Max tried to smash the flying V guitar he was playing. The guitar was clutched with both hands, heaved up over his head, and brought down with a... anti-climatic thud. It did not break. Ticked off, Max tried again. No go, that guitar refused to break. Max gave the guitar to Phil in a fit of exasperation. Phil decided to give it a go and snapped the neck off the body in one solid whack. He handed the pieces back to Max who promptly threw them out into the crowd.

Pantera do not disappoint in their shows. They were a live force to be reckoned with and tonight was no exception. They stayed away from playing any of their ballads and just went for the heavy stuff the whole time until the last song. They decided to close the show with their cover of the Black Sabbath tune Planet Caravan. Let me tell you, I never liked that song when Sabbath did it and Pantera's version did not do anything to make me like it any more. It was very lame as a show closer and made even more lame by the fact they were passing a bong around on stage and getting high during the whole thing. I really do not see the attraction of getting high on stage in front of 5,000 people. Do they think that makes them more cool somehow? The dudes in Pantera are cool just because they are in Pantera, they do not need to kill brain cells and make themselves lazy in front of a crowd in order to be cool.

One last tidbit. About 45 minutes into Pantera's set, I saw a guy with a very bloody face working his way slowly back from the front rows. As he got out of the congestion I could see a bit better what was going on. He had the body of Max Cavalera's flying V guitar clutched close to his chest even tighter than a mother would hold her own baby. This guy was huge. He had about three people holding on to him and he was dragging them out of the pit, one slow, determined step at a time. Every few seconds one of the guys would punch this big dude in the face, bloodying him more. They were all three trying to get that guitar from him. I could not believe what I was seeing. He worked his way back to the security stand and asked them for help. Guess what? They said there was nothing they could do about it. Thanks a lot security morons. He just stood there asking the security baboons for help while they watched these other three guys beating on this dudes face. One of the three guys then started to reason, "We all got our hands on a piece of it so we all deserve a piece of it." Then they asked the security guys for a knife or something to cut up the guitar with. At this point I just started praying no one put a knife into the hands of one of these maniacs. Thankfully, the security guard did not offer any help in that regard. Eventually the three guys agreed to take what they could break off with their bare hands and leave this poor, beaten gorilla of a man alone.

That is where my story shall end for this concert!

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