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The Home recording book is a little out of date but there is still a ton of great information in it. I learned a lot reading this book and it has some really great EQ and effects guides that will be relevant for as long as studio engineers are using those effects. The Mixing Audio book is a current text with very in depth information as well as a broad overview of basics.

Tone Monster is the place to learn all about tone! I cover all aspects from live to studio, drums to vocals, bluegrass to metal, amps to modelers. Learning and teaching recording techniques, gear uses, and all things involving music production is a passion of mine. This site the manifestation of a desire to share that passion. Music production has brought many years of joy to my life and I hope this collection of articles will help to bring many to yours as well.

Ben Vesco is the primary author of articles on this site. I have been playing guitar, bass, and mandolin for almost thirty years. Audio production has always been an interest of mine. I have been recording myself and others for decades. These years of experience in tweaking tone are what I bring to this site, and you.

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