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FX Tips – Delay: Cross delay

Cross delay is a trick that can be used on a track having different information on the left and right channels to enhance the lushness of the stereo image. You can use this trick on drum overheads, chorused guitar sounds, stereo keyboard patches, or any other non-mono audio track in your home recording. Here is […]

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Mix Recipes: Bass EQ and Compression

The bass guitar is an important element of every contemporary mix even though it rarely plays a prominent role. Sometimes the bass is felt rather than heard while other mixes have the bass in a much more audible sonic space. Your home recording studio is well equipped to shape your bass tracks as long as […]

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Vocal mixing: silence is golden

There are a lot of little noises that can sneak in between phrases. These extra noises are not noticed while the vocalist is singing but you don’t want to hear bleed from headphones, rustling paper, or any other distractions in between. It is quite common in the home recording studio world to put a noise […]

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FX Tips – EQ: Mixing with high pass filters

A high pass filter is a type of equalizer that eliminates frequencies below a specified cutoff point. Since it is low frequencies that are removed, only high frequencies may pass (thus the name). You might also hear high pass filters (HPF) referred to as low cut filters which is a bit ambiguous. High pass filters […]

eq fx tips Home Studio Mixing

FX Tips – EQ: How to sweep an eq

We’ve all heard stories of the mystically powerful pro audio engineers who can listen to a mix and happily announce, “the guitars have too much 1k on them.” Or perhaps a nonchalant declaration, “the snare would really come alive with a little boost in the 3k range.” This is great if you have the golden […]

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POD Tips and Tricks: Rich stereo effect

I recently wrote an article covering a method for turning a mono track into a rich stereo track. This effect does not need to be limited to your home studio recording. You can also apply this effect to your live guitar sound and fill the stage. Any reasonable guitar effects unit with a robust stereo […]

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Turn a mono track into rich stereo

Ever wanted to give a lush stereo effect to a mono track? You can resort to using a stereo imaging plugin but the effect can leave a lot to be desired. There is actually a very simple way to turn a mono track into a rich stereo sound in your home studio. You can create […]

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Mixing Theory: Why can’t I hear everything?

How do you think about a mix? In conversations with other musicians who don’t do much mixing I often find they think about mixes in a very linear fashion. Mixes are anything but linear in nature. This article presents a non-linear way to visualize a mix. The concept can be hard to grasp on first […]

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Mix Recipes: Saxophone EQ and Delay

The saxophone is a classic and great sounding instrument that can heat up any rock or jazz arrangement. However, sending your sax through a microphone and leaving the track untouched in a mix can really kill the mood and effectiveness. Throw on a little slapback delay and a bit of eq and that sax will […]

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Mix Recipes: Snare Drum EQ and Compression

A great snare drum sound can really drive a mix. If you start to listen critically to a lot of dance, rock, metal, modern country, pop, funk, and other kinds of popular music you will notice the next loudest thing to the vocals is typically the snare drum. No matter how much is going on […]