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Mix Recipes: Clear and present vocals

Getting your vocals to sit right on top at the front of your mix is desirable for any vocal focused song. Lackluster vocal production is like a glowing neon sign that says, “home studio recording!” This tutorial covers a simple mix recipe for getting your vocals right out there in the front of your mix […]

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Vocal mixing: silence is golden

There are a lot of little noises that can sneak in between phrases. These extra noises are not noticed while the vocalist is singing but you don’t want to hear bleed from headphones, rustling paper, or any other distractions in between. It is quite common in the home recording studio world to put a noise […]

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POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Guitar and Vocals to Different Outs

The Line 6 POD X3 has the ability to function as two fully loaded and independent POD XT units. You can use your POD X3 to process two input sources and maintain individual control over the outputs. Here are a few basic and advanced examples of how to set up your X3 for this type […]

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Book Review: Mixing Audio – concepts, practices and tools.

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools price check UPDATE: This book is now available. A new book on mixing techniques is coming out in January 2008. The press release on the book makes it look like a potentially valuable resource. The book promises to cover techniques from basic to advanced and should appeal to home […]

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Vocal Mic Selection

I have always thought it was important to choose your first vocal mic carefully. After you build your home studio mic collection you may find a number of mics in your cabinet which could all work wonders on a vocal recording. Once you have the luxury of multiple mics at your disposal it can be […]

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Taming Vocals: Compressors In Series

Taming vocals can be a very tough job. I have a few techniques that I use based on the song I’m mixing and the vocalist on record. A few ways to tame a vocalist are “riding” the fader, compressors, other dynamics processors, EQ, and even reverb. Sometimes you will use a combination of all of […]