7 Steps To Perfect Compression

Brought to you by Songwriting Schematics.com If you follow these 2 groups of 7 steps each, in the order presented, you will have perfect compression EVERY time, guaranteed. Using these steps will also teach you how to use compression to reach whatever kind of tone you are looking for with […] Read more »

Premium Authentic Artist Tones launched for Line 6 Helix

I have launched my line of premium authentic artist tones for Line 6 Helix. In these premium patches I’m striving to provide the highest quality replication of your favorite artist tones as heard on your favorite songs. I have kicked off the series with two premium patches. Randy Rhoads guitar […] Read more »

Stupid Deal Of The Day – Portable Recorder

The Stupid Deal Of The Day at Musician’s Friend is the Line 6 Backtrack portable digital recorder. These things are great for capturing quick ideas with a stripped down interface that lets you focus on inspiration rather than the tools to capture it. Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day! […] Read more »