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Line 6 Helix Tips And Tricks-Solo Boost

This video shows five different ways to set up a solo boost with the Line 6 Helix. The first two Helix tips set up a boost before the modeled amp. This has the effect of boosting the input to the amp which can cause extra drive. This is often desirable. If you want a clean boost then the last three tips show how to do that. A clean boost is one that gives extra volume but does not affect the tone. An overview of the five boost method follows:

  1. FX block: Use something like a modeled distortion pedal in front of the amp. Program a switch to bump the level up as desired. This method simulates hitting the amps input extra hard.
  2. Gain block before the amp: Line 6 Helix includes a simple gain block which does nothing other than insert a clean volume control into the chain. Even though the Helix gain block provides no tonal alteration it will still hit the amp input extra hard when inserted early in the chain.
  3. Channel Volume: Each modeled amp includes a channel volume control. This is always a clean volume control like a fader on a mixer. Turning it up or down does not change the tone. One drawback to this method is you will have to change the assigned controller if you rebalance the volume across all your Helix patches
  4. Gain block after the amp: This one is very much like method #2 above. This time the gain block goes after the amp. This will create a clean boost that does not change the tonal character of the modeled amp in the Helix. You can put this near the end of the chain or right after the amp model. Put it after your delays and reverbs to have their level go up/down when the boost is switched on and off. Put it after the amp model but before any effects if you don’t want effects volume to change when the boost is engaged.
  5. Output level: Line 6 Helix includes a volume parameter on every output assignment. This parameter can be automated within the Helix by assigning it to a footswitch or expression pedal. Using this as a solo boost will give you a clean boost that does not alter your tone and will always affect the volume of delays and reverbs.

Background music is from my Malhavok album.