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POD X3: New Flash Memory 1.01.1

Line 6 have since updated POD X3 flash memory to 1.11.0. Read more about it.

Update November 22, 2007

Today I opened Monkey to do some bundle manipulation and noticed the flash memory is now showing the correct version from the front page. You no longer need to do this manual process. I will leave this page up for people who would like to do it manually. Also there is good information on calibrating your pedal and diagnostic mode of X3 below.

Today Line 6 announced the 1.01.1 firmware update to their POD X3 series. The new version of Monkey is not currently seeing the new firmware so updating requires a bit of manual intervention. Here are the steps to get going.

Updating your X3 flash memory

  • Go to the Line 6 software download page (link opens in a new window)
  • In the Product box, select POD X3 or POD X3 Live depending on your unit
  • In the Software box, select Flash Memory
  • Leave OS on the All setting
  • Click the big red GO button
  • You should see something like this (notice the Version 1.01.1 in the corner):
X3 Flash Memory
  • Click the GET DOWNLOAD button and save the file somewhere easy (like your desktop)
  • Go back to the software page and change the Software box by selecting Line 6 Monkey
  • Click the big red GO button
  • Similar to downloading the flash memory, download Line 6 Monkey Version 1.21
  • Run the downloaded Line 6 Monkey and install anywhere you’d like
  • Connect your POD X3 to your computer with the USB cable and turn the X3 on
  • Run your installed Line 6 Monkey software
  • Click the Update tab in Monkey
    Line 6 Monkey Update
  • Click the Flash Memory row
    X3 Flash Memory
  • An Update from File… button will appear near the right side of Monkey
  • Click the Update from File… button
    Update from file
  • A file finder dialog will come up, choose the downloaded firmware file (did you save it on your deskopt?) and follow the instructions from Monkey
  • Monkey will as if you want to save the presets in your X3 before updating, so you don’t have to worry about overwriting your patches if you don’t want to

X3 bug fixes and improvements

  • Variax Connectivity- POD X3 Live now supports Variax patch switching and saving of Variax settings with your POD X3 Patches.
  • Patch Switching Time- Patch switching time is greatly reduced, by up to 70% in most cases.
  • Soft Knob/Save Update- Some forum users noted issues with the 4 soft knobs of save knob not working, this update resolves that issue.
  • Erratic Patch Switch- Some forum users noted erratic patch switching (most commonly to Channel ‘C’). This update resolves that issue.
  • Expression Pedal Mute- External expression pedal no longer mutes output upon being plugged in.
  • Room %- Room was not being properly turned off in some cases. This update resolves that issue.

Calibrate your X3 Live pedal

Pedal Calibration (X3 Live) – Pedal was not calibrating to 0. This update resolves that issue. The pedal should be calibrated for best operation:

  • Go to test mode by holding down Right on the directional pad when you power up.
  • Highlight Pedal Cal
  • Press the Inputs button
  • Set the pedal to the heel position
  • Press the A footswitch
  • Set the pedal to the toe position
  • Press the B footswitch
  • Press the C footswitch
  • Move the pedal to verify smooth 0-255 scaled values
  • Press the D footswitch to save the settings