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FREE Variax Workbench with Variax purchase, OVER

Deal is over! No new purchases will qualify.

Line 6 are giving away free Variax Workbench kits to purchasers of a qualifying Line 6 Variax guitar. Your purchase must be made between February 1 and March 31. You will have to fill out an online form, print it, and mail it along with your guitar’s UPC code.

Qualifying Variax guitars

Line 6 Variax 600 Guitar Antique White
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Musician’s Friend
Line 6 Variax 600 electric guitar
The Variax electric guitar includes the modeled sounds of 28 classic guitars in fifty different, adjustable settings. The models include everything from rock classics like the 1959 Fender Stratocaster and 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard to acoustics like a 1967 Martin O-18 and 1970 Martin D12-28 (twelve string). Rickenbacker, Gretch, and Epiphone also make appearances as do banjo and sitar models!

Line 6 Variax 700 Electric Guitar With Tremolo Black
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Musician’s Friend
Line 6 Variax 700 electric guitar
The Variax 700 guitar includes the same 28 instrument models as the Variax 600. It adds options for upscale transparent finishes and a tremolo bridge.

Line 6 Variax Acoustic 700 Modeling Guitar Sunburst
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Musician’s Friend
Line 6 Variax acoustic guitar
The Variax acoustic has a large range of acoustic instruments. Though the Variax electric does have ten acoustic instrument models, the Varaix acoustic takes it over the top with all acoustic models.

Once you have purchased your Variax acoustic or electric guitar you can visit this page to get instructions on how to get your free Variax Workbench.