POD X3 flash memory 1.15

Line 6 released a new flash memory for POD X3. The version is 1.15 and it fixes a few of the outstanding issues with POD X3.

In this announcement Line 6 have said this flash memory fixes audio dropouts as well as the “asterisk” problem. Once you are logged in to the Line 6 website you can download the new flash memory here, or use Line 6 Monkey to update your POD.

This does not fix the USB audio dropouts.

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Previous flash memory updates:

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6 Responses to “POD X3 flash memory 1.15”

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  1. Tofi says:

    Only for Pod X3 Live.

  2. Alex says:

    Much has been different conversations on the subject, that the insertion fixes a problem with an asterisk and dropout sound, i flash my x3 live with the version 1.15. My problem with asterisk and dropout sound has not disappeared.

    • Denn says:

      Try disable the power saving feature for your usb-rodhub in device manager, that solved my dropouts. The powerssaving theme for windows “always on”, doesnt untick the powersaving feature for USB.

  3. Maamar Huq says:

    Roll it back, and reflash. And before doing it, free up some system resources thru tast manager (ctrl+alt+del). Quit all unwanted processes and programs. ?Btw, roll back and reinstall ur usb firmware as well, that too before reflashing. Cheers!

  4. Alex says:

    THanks you for advise, I try it.