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POD X3 flash memory 1.15

Line 6 released a new flash memory for POD X3. The version is 1.15 and it fixes a few of the outstanding issues with POD X3.

In this announcement Line 6 have said this flash memory fixes audio dropouts as well as the “asterisk” problem. Once you are logged in to the Line 6 website you can download the new flash memory here, or use Line 6 Monkey to update your POD.

This does not fix the USB audio dropouts.

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6 replies on “POD X3 flash memory 1.15”

Much has been different conversations on the subject, that the insertion fixes a problem with an asterisk and dropout sound, i flash my x3 live with the version 1.15. My problem with asterisk and dropout sound has not disappeared.

Try disable the power saving feature for your usb-rodhub in device manager, that solved my dropouts. The powerssaving theme for windows “always on”, doesnt untick the powersaving feature for USB.

Roll it back, and reflash. And before doing it, free up some system resources thru tast manager (ctrl+alt+del). Quit all unwanted processes and programs. ?Btw, roll back and reinstall ur usb firmware as well, that too before reflashing. Cheers!

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