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POD Patches – Guitar World (Holiday 2007)

These tones the tones for the songs transcribed in the Holiday 2007 issue of Guitar World. They are billed as POD patches but will work on any Line 6 gear but you can probably enter the settings in any Line 6 unit with the appropriate amp models. I have also uploaded a bundle you can use to load the tones into your X3 using version 1.20 of Line 6 Monkey.

Gear Notes

All four of these songs are on guitars tuned down a half step. I used my custom 1997 Ibanez Universe. The bridge pickup was used on all the tones and is a Dimarzio Evolution 7. I used it in single coil mode for the Hendrix tone.

Quick Downloads for Line 6 Edit

I put these patches into Line 6 Edit presets for those of you not using the X3 series. They should work with GearBox too. Here are the downloads. DO NOT use these with X3, they are for XT and any other Line 6 units that can load XT formatted presets.

Yngwie Malmsteen – Evil Eye
Slayer – Chemical Warfare
Jimi Hendrix – Killing Floor (Live at Monterey)
Linkin Park – Bleed It Out

Yngwie Malmsteen – Evil Eye

Song sample
Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force - Evil Eye

  • Output Mode: Match Studio/Direct
  • Amp: 1968 Plexi Lead 100 (Marshall Plexi Super Lead), Room 49%, Cab 4×12 Celestion T-75’s, Mic 57 on axis
  • Tone Controls: Bass 100%, Mid 100%, Treble 78%, Pres 80%, Drive 100%, Vol 80%
  • Stomp: Classic Distortion (ProCo Rat), Drive 0%, Gain 65%, Tone 50%
  • EQ: Hi Gain -1.6dB, Hi Freq 4.1K
  • Reverb: Dark Hall, Predelay 18%, Decay 55%, Tone 60%, Mix 37%, Config Post

Notes: This one was hard to nail down. Malmsteen does not play with very much distortion but uses incredible volume to get his tone and sustain. That is a very tough thing to capture at neighbor friendly volumes! His tone is also half-way between single coil and humbucker which is another tough thing to get if you aren’t using his stacked humbucker.

Slayer – Chemical Warfare

Song sample (live version)
Slayer - Decade of Aggression (Live) - Chemical Warfare

  • Output Mode: Match Studio/Direct
  • Amp: 1990 Brit J-800 (Marshall JCM 800), Room 49%, Cab 4×12 Celestion T-75’s, Mic 57 off axis
  • Tone Controls: Bass 37%, Mid 70%, Treble 74%, Pres 35%, Drive 62%, Vol 70%
  • Gate: Threshold -70dB, Decay0%
  • EQ: Lo Mid Gain 2.0dB, Lo Mid Freq 950, Hi Mid Gain 2.0dB, Hi Mid Freq 1.35K, Hi Gain -2.2dB, Hi Freq 5.1K

Notes: This is an older Slayer tune and as such, and older Slayer sounding tone. Make sure to really dig in to those strings!

Jimi Hendrix – Killing Floor (Live at Monterey)

Song sample
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Live At Monterey - Killing Floor (Live)

  • Output Mode: Match Studio/Direct
  • Amp: 1968 Plexi Lead 100 (Marshall Plexi Super Lead), Room 64%, Cab 4×12 Green 20’s, Mic 57 on axis
  • Tone Controls: Bass 40%, Mid 81%, Treble 100%, Pres 100%, Drive 69%, Vol 80%
  • Stomp: Distortion Facial Fuzz (Arbiter Fuzz Face), Drive 70%, Gain 63%, Tone 79%
  • Reverb: Dark Hall, Predelay 30%, Decay 42%, Tone 18%, Mix 39%, Config Pre

Notes: Switch to a single coil in the bridge for this one. My Universe is set up with a coil split so I still used the Evo 7 to tweak this one, but in single coil mode. This is a tab and tone for a live recording of Hendrix. I tried to not just capture his live guitar tone, but to also capture the low fi sound of the live recording as a whole. Switching the reverb to the pre configuration was key in capturing this vibe.

Linkin Park – Bleed It Out

Song sample
Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight - Bleed It Out

  • Output Mode: Match Studio/Direct
  • Amp: 1993 Solo 100 Head (Soldano SLO), Room 70%, Cab 4×12 Celestion T-75’s, Mic 57 off axis
  • Tone Controls: Bass 34%, Mid 90%, Treble 82%, Pres 67%, Drive 67%, Vol 75%
  • Gate: Threshold -70dB, Decay0%
  • Reverb: Small Room, Predelay 40%, Decay 28%, Tone 73%, Mix 34%, Config Post

Notes: The sound of the SLO 100 amp model is so much better on the X3 than on previous Line 6 products. It really helped to instantly capture the vibe of this track. If you are using an older Line 6 modeler, you may have to do some additional tweaking on this one.

Line 6 Monkey bundle for POD X3

X3 Bundle
The presets are laid out as: 30A Linkin Park, 30B Jimi, 30C Slayer, 30D Malmsteen

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When I download the bundle it’s .txt file. All of the patch files I see from Monkey are .16t files. When I try to load the bundle with Monkey it just loads my presets. Any help would be appreciated.

Nice axe man, DROOL! Yeah, my Evolution pickup is VERY hot so I’m not surprised you’d have to crank it up a bit. Glad you’re enjoying the patch!

You might have to right-click and choose ‘save as’ to get it to work. It is supposed to be a .x3m file. But really, I recommend just typing them in manually. If you’re not real familiar with the Monkey, then manual is probably the fastest.

Downloaded some of your tones, they sound great! I play in a cover band just about every weekend and wanted to see what you thought on a preamp for the guitar and what you think would work the best. I want to spend between $2-4k and would like 4 channels. We have 6 channels of the Vintech preamps on our live set up which sound excellent. We plugged my X3L into the Vintech at rehearsal and it pretty much blew us away with the fatness and clearity. Are you familiar with the Vintech, they are based on the Neve 1073. I’m just not sure whether to get a vacuum tube based pre or the Vintech. Any help would be welcomed. steve

I guess I’m not entirely sure what you are asking. The X3L is already a guitar preamp. What are you looking to do? Are the Vintech units not working out anymore and you want to replace them? Are you submixing before going out to FOH? Is this setup for your monitors? In ears?

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