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POD X3 Patches: Bass into keyboard amp live

The TouchyFeeliacs is the band I play bass with. For our last show we had a cramped stage so my full bass rig was not an option. Instead I played my POD X3 Live through a Roland KC-500. The stage was so cramped I couldn’t even put the pedal board on the floor, I had to stack it on top of the amp! The KC-500 is a full range keyboard amp with multiple inputs. Here is the POD X3 preset I used on my bass and some video clips of the show where you can hear a bit of the tone I got.

TouchyFeeliacs live patch with keyboard amp

  • Output mode: match studio/direct
  • Amp Model: 1972 Amp 360 (Acoustic 360), Room 0%, Cab 1×18 California, Mic 112 Dynamic
  • Amp Controls: Bass 77%, Lo Mid 83%, Hi Mid 52%, Treble 66%, Drive 50%, Vol 100%
  • Compressor: Thresh -10dB, Gain 0dB
  • EQ: +2.0dB @ 60Hz, -2.0dB @ 125Hz, +2.0dB @ 300Hz, + 2.0dB @ 2.5kHz

TouchyFeeliacs live video clips

TouchyFeeliacs live bass rig for cramped stage

Line 6 Variax Bass 700 Black*

Line 6 Variax Bass 700 price check

My Variax bass has been a great addition to my arsenal. It gets so many classic tones right at my fingertips. I mostly use the Fender Precision setting but will often switch to the Mantis Stingray for slap bass parts.
Roland KC-550 180W Keyboard Amp

Roland KC-550 price check

I was actually using the older KC-500 but this modern big brother is just as cool. It has a very solid low end and kicks like a scared mule. It has no problem keeping up with the full band.
Line 6 POD X3 LIVE Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal

Line 6 POD X3 LIVE price check

The X3 is such a versatile piece of gear. It works just as well with bass and guitar (I have yet to test its vocal capabilities).


Samson Airline AP1B Wireless price check

The whole package here is great. I’ve never trusted those flimsy, thin 1/4″ cables on typical wireless body packs. This unit plugs the transmitter directly into your instrument and the receiver is the size of a typical stompbox! It also packs true diversity UHF performance and can run three gigs before I change batteries to be safe.

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