POD X3 Patches: First show with the X3 Live

Last night I used the X3 live for the first time. It worked out wonderfully. Following is a description of my setup, along with the settings for the POD X3 Live patches that I used for the show. The event was the Indie Games Con where they have a jam session on the second night. This is music played by a pickup band who have never performed together before this night. I was tapped to be one of the regulars who play on every song since I work for GarageGames, the company who organizes the event. The focus of the show was on game technology and showing off a preview of what is inside our new site, but in addition to being huge nerds, we love to rock!

POD X3 Live Setup

Guitar: 1997 Ibanez Universe with custom swirl, Dimarzio Evolution in the bridge, Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck, Dimarzio Blaze single coil in the middle. The floating bridge has been blocked so it is now a fixed bridge instrument.

Line 6 POD X3 LIVE

fed by my Samson Airline wireless rig. Stereo 1/4″ Monster cables carried the signal back to my amp.

Power Amp:
Mesa Boogie Simul Class 2:90
all tube power amp.

Speaker Cab:
Behringer Ultrastack BG412S 4×12 Stereo Cab

in stereo mode.

POD X3 Live Patch

Here are the manual settings for my POD X3 Live.

  • Output Mode: Stack Pwramp, Tone 1 panned 10:30, Tone 2 panned 1:30
  • Tone 1 Amp: Citrus D-30, Room 20%, Cab 4×10 Line 6, Mic 57 on axis
  • Tone 1 Tone Controls: Bass 35%, Mid 61%, Treble 76%, Pres 6%, Drive 66%, Vol 100%
  • Tone 1 Verb: Standard Spring, Dwell 25%, Tone 50%, Mix 38%
  • Tone 2 Amp: 2002 Angel P-ball, Room 0%, Cab 4×12 01 Treadplate, Mic 67 Condenser
  • Tone 2 Tone Controls: Bass 30%, Mid 34%, Treble 100%, Pres 83%, Drive 69%, Vol 80%
  • Tone 2 Verb: King Spring, Dwell 50%, Tone 50%, Mix 38%

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nice setup – i use a mesa simul 2:90 also, audio technica 1400 wireless, marshall 4×12 cab, and a couple of kramer guitars. i’ve checked out a bunch of your patches and they sound great. nice playing on the video

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