Gearbox Line 6 POD Tones

POD X3 Dual tone demos

The tones from the Line 6 dual tone tour were curiously not included in the factory presets of POD X3. Eventually the creator of the guitar tones did make them available as a bundle. Working with bundles can be a bit cumbersome, especially before the dawn of Gearbox for POD X3. Now that we have Gearbox, it has become possible to access the tones individually. Here are the fabled spiritguitar presets from the dual tone demos.

Dual tone guitar presets (zip file) for Gearbox

If you are looking for my versions of some of these tones, they can be found elsewhere on this site:

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Line 6 POD X3 Guitar Multi Effect Processor

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Line 6 POD X3 LIVE Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal

5 replies on “POD X3 Dual tone demos”


i can’t open all those bonus !! media player don’t work…

Regards from France !


Great Great site no questions about!!!
I am a big fan of David Gilmour but cannot find any very interesting patches that simulate its sound. Any suggestions???
Thanks in advance


Thanks a ton for hosting these patches. I am unable to open the spirit guitar files with gearbox though – it says unsupported patch type. Any ideas why that might be?


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