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DEAL: EZdrummer $50 rebate, OVER

This deal is no longer available

Toontrack are offering a $50 rebate on their excellent EZdrummer plugin. The purchase must be made from an authorized Toontrack dealer (some links are listed below) between March 1, 2008 and March 31, 2008. The rebate form (attached below) must be postmarked by April 15, 2008.

Here is the rebate form as a pdf. Be sure to read the fine print to make sure you qualify.

Mail the form with the original UPC from product package and a copy of your sales receipt to:

620 Park Avenue
Box 361
Rochester, NY 14607

If you are not familiar with EZdrummer and what it can do, check out the Toontrack website or a tutorial I have written explaining how to use EZdrummer to quickly create drum tracks in your home recording studio.

Toontrack EZdrummer Multi Layer Drum Sampler
EZdrummer price check
EZdrummer is a great tool for any home recording studio. You can use it to quickly build grooves from the included groove library or use it as a module to play hand created midi drum tracks. It also works as a great live drum module for something like a Roland V-Drum kit with midi output. The included drum kits sound great in a mix and require very little processing or none at all to give any song a professional sound.
Toontrack EZXpansion Nashville
Nashville Expansion price check
The stock EZdrummer kit is already very versatile. This expansion set adds a lot more drum pieces that are usable in all modern music styles. The kit itself includes a few more cymbal slots than the standard kit. This expansion is for those who like the stylistic variety of the stock kit and are looking to augment with new drum sounds with the same stylistic variety.
Toontrack Drumkit from Hell EZX Sample Library
Drumkit from Hell Expansion price check
Toontrack (makers of EZdrummer) got their start with the phenomenal Drumkit from Hell product. DFH (as it is more commonly known) is aimed purely at heavy metal music. The drumkit in this expansion is a double bass kit with five toms and a ton of cymbals. Metal lovers rejoice. This kit gives you ultra modern sounds for all styles of metal from traditional thrash to extreme black metal.
Toontrack Vintage Rock Brushes and Sticks EZX Sample Library
Vintage Rock Expansion price check
This expansion kit has a very traditional sound. If you can think of drum sounds from old Beatles or jazz records then you have a pretty good idea what this kit is capable of. One rack tom and one floor tom limit the scope of the kit to near the bare essentials. The kit includes each drum and cymbal played with sticks as well as brushes.
Toontrack Latin Percussion EZX Sample Library
Latin Percussion Expansion price check
This expansion is for anyone wanting to add any kind of latin or world percussion sounds to their tracks. Not only does this expansion include over two dozen individual percussion instruments, but each instrument also includes a number of varieties. For instance, one of these two dozen percussion instruments is the tambourine, but you don’t just get a tambourine. You get almost two dozen different tambourines to choose from! This is a highly customizable percussion set that should fill any percussion need. As will all EZdrummer expansions, this kit comes with its own groove library to fully take advantage of professional percussion techniques. Just drag and drop for great sounding tracks!
Toontrack EZXpansion-Claustrophobic
Claustrophobic Expansion price check
The Clautrophobic kit is aimed at todays urban styles. If you are looking for the gritty, processed sounds of hip hop, R&B, modern pop then this kit will be right up your alley.
Toontrack EZXpansion-Twisted Kit
Twisted Kit Expansion price check
This kit is twisted indeed. You get instruments ranging from trash cans and hubcaps to furniture and even a few actual drums. This expansion gives you the ability to add sounds of the unusual to your recording.