Book Review: The Business of Audio Engineering

The Business of Audio Engineering price check Recommended for you if you are starting out in or considering a career in the audio industry. Alternate title: War Stories – How NOT to get caught in the crossfire. Length: 205 pages split into 15 bite sized chapters and an appendix Share […] Read more »

REAPER: tempo mapping

You may have seen my tutorials on creating grooves with EZDrummer and creating custom drum tracks with Jamstix 2. These are great when creating a song recording from scratch, but what if you have an existing recording to add drums for? What about taking any existing recording and adding some […] Read more »

Miking drums

Miking drums is a subject that seems to be surrounded by a lot of voodoo in the home recording studio. I know it was certainly something I had a lot of agony over for years. Truth be told, there are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to […] Read more »