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POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Phantom Power

The POD X3 does not include phantom power on its mic preamp. In a live situation this is not too bad since the majority of vocalists are singing through stage friendly dynamic mics. The POD really has its roots in the studio though, so the lack of phantom power can be limiting to those wanting to do some serious vocal tracking using the X3. Below you will find links to a few low cost solutions for enhancing your studio setup with a standalone phantom power unit to allow use of a condenser mic with your X3. These are all phantom power only units. They don’t include mic preamps, eq, compression, or any other “features” that would alter the sound of your mic before getting to the X3. A phantom power unit should power your mic and pass the signal on unaffected.

Phantom Power Units For POD X3

Behringer MICROPOWER PS400 Phantom Power Supply

Behringer MICROPOWER PS400 price check

  • Includes power adapter
  • Very small (approx. 2-1/4″W x 1-1/4″H x 4″D)
  • Selectable +12V / +48V power supply
Rolls PB23 Phantom Power Adapter

Rolls PB23 price check

  • Includes power adapter
  • Two DC jacks so several units can use one adapter
  • Selectable +12V / +48V power supply
Sterling Audio PHP1 48V Phantom Power Supply

Sterling Audio PHP1 price check

  • Provides stable 48V phantom power
  • Not clear if price includes the power adapter
Audio-Technica AT8801 Phantom Power

Audio-Technica AT8801 price check

  • Includes power adapter
  • Internal overheating and short protection

If you have any of these units, feel free to leave a comment here to help your fellow musicians in their decision making process. Don’t forget to buy a short XLR cable to patch in from the power supply to your X3!

5 replies on “POD X3 Live Tips and Tricks: Phantom Power”

Thank you very much, I just found out that I need one of those devices to record with my X3.


I’d like to ask you a technical question, that I couldn’t find any answers about.
I’d like to connect my X3L’s direct out’s to a small mixer’s Mic In’s. (don’t ask why :)) The mixer has ONLY a global phantom power switch. My question is:

Is there any chance to ruin my X3L, if I turn on the phantom power to use my condenser Mic? Or is there a transformer in X3 to avoid any damage?
Thank you for the answer in advance!


Hello there,
I wanted to use my old POD X3 Live as a audio interface (or more like a analog to digital converter) for dual micing a real amp using a SM57 and a AT2020 condenser.

Can I expect acceptable results by connecting an external preamp like the DMP3 into the AUX and Guitar in of the X3L and record the X3L dry tones into my DAW?


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