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POD X3 Pro Tips & Tricks: MIDI CC Chart

Here is the long awaited MIDI CC chart for POD X3 Pro. Once Line 6 implement MIDI in POD X3 Live (and hopefully POD X3 over USB) I would imagine these CC numbers will be accurate for those units too.

Tone 1 of your POD X3 responds to CC on the configured MIDI channel while Tone 2 responds to MIDI CC one channel higher. For example, if your POD X3 Pro is set to communicate on MIDI channel 3 then Tone 2 will communicate one channel higher, on channel 4. I have fully tested all these CC with my POD X3 Pro with flash memory 1.00 and USB firmware 1.00 installed in the unit.


POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.1
POD X3 Pro MIDI CC chart 1.0

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I got a Question: can I use my POD x3 Live as a Midi Foot Controller for de MIDIVERB4 from Alesis ??? … the only thing that I really want is change of patch with the PX3L …

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