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POD X3 Pro Tips & Tricks: MIDI CC Chart

Here is the long awaited MIDI CC chart for POD X3 Pro. Once Line 6 implement MIDI in POD X3 Live (and hopefully POD X3 over USB) I would imagine these CC numbers will be accurate for those units too. Tone 1 of your POD X3 responds to CC on the configured MIDI channel while […]

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Line 6 BackTrack and POD Farm

Line 6 have some new portable recording devices coming out soon (BackTrack series) and have revamped their TonePort hardware as POD Studio products (which now include a software plugin, no need for an extra purchase any more). POD Studio GX price check POD Studio UX1 price check POD Studio UX2 price check

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Home recording studio on a budget

Computers have made building an advanced home recording studio a reality for many of us. It has also caused a flooding of the market by dozens of products (and more) that all basically do the same thing. The sea of marketing created in this environment has left quite a few home recording enthusiasts scratching their […]

Gear Announcements Line 6 POD The Digital Age

Line 6: POD X3 Pro and other new products

It is now possible to preorder three of these new products with expected shipping dates revealed. Line 6 POD X3 Pro price checkEstimated shipping date: October 27, 2008.Ben’s best guess street price: $700 Line 6 M13 price checkEstimated shipping date: July 25, 2008 ShippingBen’s best guess street price: $500 Line 6 JM4 price checkEstimated shipping […]

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Analogue versus Digital: Can YOU tell the difference?

As digital gear becomes more prevalent I see the same question asked over and over again, “Should I record using the analogue outs or use the USB (or S/PDIF) outputs?” The popular answer is, “keep it digital or you’ll lose sound quality!” Is there any merit to this claim that sound quality is lost if […]

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REAPER: tempo mapping

You may have seen my tutorials on creating grooves with EZDrummer and creating custom drum tracks with Jamstix 2. These are great when creating a song recording from scratch, but what if you have an existing recording to add drums for? What about taking any existing recording and adding some midi synths to spruce up […]

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High sample rates: Can you tell the difference? UPDATED!

In the spirit of my analogue vs. digital article, it is time for another Mythbusters style debunking session. Today we are going to explore the common misconception that higher sample rates equate to better sounding audio. There is no shortage of rhetoric by self-proclaimed internet experts that by simple matter of dropping a faster processor […]

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Jamstix 2 tutorial 1: Your own studio drummer

Jamstix 2 is a VST drum plugin that is more than just a drum machine. This plugin is an entirely customizable virtual studio drummer. You can get very precise if you want to work that way, but the more impressive aspect of this software is to use it more like you might communicate with a […]

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Gearbox Plugin: Awesome deals

A few days ago, Musician’s Friend featured the Line 6 Gearbox Plugin Silver bundle as their Stupid Deal Of The Day at $100. Normally the plugin can’t be had for less than $300. It would seem this was only a hint at things to come as now the Silver and Gold bundles are available at […]

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Home Recording Basics: 3 – Recording tracks

In Home Recording Basics 1 we covered configuring your computer for recording. Home Recording Basics 2 showed you how to create and save a new project. In this installment of Home Recording Basics we are going to talk about recording your first tracks. After going through this tutorial you should be well on your way […]