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Mix Recipes: Heavy guitar Haas and EQ

There are many approaches to mixing heavy guitar tracks. Striking a balance between clarity and thickness is a constant struggle. There is a general tendency in the recording of heavy music to layer many guitar tracks, but how do you maintain that razor’s edge clarity of a single track? Here is a mix recipe to […]

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FX Tips – Delay: Extra wide stereo

Here is another stereo mixing trick to go along with the Haas, cross, and panned delay tricks. This technique creates a stereo sound that fills the room and appears to come from all sides of the listener’s head at the same time. The basic idea is to start with a mono track panned dead center […]

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FX Tips – Delay: Slight stereo

Here is another trick for using a delay to create a bit of a stereo effect on a mono track. The basic idea is to pan the mono track slightly to one side (one to three o’clock should do it) and add a delay that is panned about the same amount to the other side […]

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FX Tips – Delay: Cross delay

Cross delay is a trick that can be used on a track having different information on the left and right channels to enhance the lushness of the stereo image. You can use this trick on drum overheads, chorused guitar sounds, stereo keyboard patches, or any other non-mono audio track in your home recording. Here is […]

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Turn a mono track into rich stereo

Ever wanted to give a lush stereo effect to a mono track? You can resort to using a stereo imaging plugin but the effect can leave a lot to be desired. There is actually a very simple way to turn a mono track into a rich stereo sound in your home studio. You can create […]

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Mix Recipes: Saxophone EQ and Delay

The saxophone is a classic and great sounding instrument that can heat up any rock or jazz arrangement. However, sending your sax through a microphone and leaving the track untouched in a mix can really kill the mood and effectiveness. Throw on a little slapback delay and a bit of eq and that sax will […]

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Book Review: Mixing Audio – concepts, practices and tools.

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools price check UPDATE: This book is now available. A new book on mixing techniques is coming out in January 2008. The press release on the book makes it look like a potentially valuable resource. The book promises to cover techniques from basic to advanced and should appeal to home […]