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Book Review: The Business of Audio Engineering

The Business of Audio Engineering price check Recommended for you if you are starting out in or considering a career in the audio industry. Alternate title: War Stories – How NOT to get caught in the crossfire. Length: 205 pages split into 15 bite sized chapters and an appendix

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Mixing Library

Mixing is certainly a specialized craft but I believe in learning all I can about my craft. Much of my time is occupied by reading about mixing, talking about mixing, thinking about mixing, and actually mixing. This page is intended to serve as a resource for finding some interesting mixing related material to help you […]

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Book Review: Mixing Audio – concepts, practices and tools.

Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools price check UPDATE: This book is now available. A new book on mixing techniques is coming out in January 2008. The press release on the book makes it look like a potentially valuable resource. The book promises to cover techniques from basic to advanced and should appeal to home […]