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Gearbox Plugin: Awesome deals

A few days ago, Musician’s Friend featured the Line 6 Gearbox Plugin Silver bundle as their Stupid Deal Of The Day at $100. Normally the plugin can’t be had for less than $300. It would seem this was only a hint at things to come as now the Silver and Gold bundles are available at bargain basement prices.

Line 6 GearBox Plug-In Gold Bundle
Gearbox Plugin Gold Bundle price check
Gearbox Plugin Silver Bundle price check HOT!

Gearbox Plugin gives you all the great amp modeling from Line 6 in a VST/AU/RTAS plugin that can be used in any compatible host application. What do all those abbreviations mean? Other than Virtual Studio Technology (VST), Audio Units (AU), and Real Time Audio Suite (RTAS), what they mean is you can use them in all popular DAW software including: Sonar, Cubase, Reaper, SAW, Pro Tools, Logic, Tracktion, and many others. The plugin is great for reamping style recording of guitars and basses as well as sounding great on vocals and just about anything else you’d want to run through a high quality, modeled preamp. I have used these models on the last four songs I’ve recorded for lead and backup vocals. Gearbox Plugin has the kind of preamp models where you can leave all the eq settings flat and it will still improve the sound of the track. This plugin won’t replace an all purpose plugin suite but at these prices they are a great addition to any home recording studio.