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FX Tips – Reverb: Reverse Reverb

Reverse reverb is an interesting technique that can give some extra power to well chosen song sections. In the days of reel-to-reel or cassette recording the effect was somewhat involved, requiring flipping the tape and careful calculation of which track you would record to in order to avoid overwriting another important track. In the days […]

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Mixing Library

Mixing is certainly a specialized craft but I believe in learning all I can about my craft. Much of my time is occupied by reading about mixing, talking about mixing, thinking about mixing, and actually mixing. This page is intended to serve as a resource for finding some interesting mixing related material to help you […]

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High sample rates: Can you tell the difference? UPDATED!

In the spirit of my analogue vs. digital article, it is time for another Mythbusters style debunking session. Today we are going to explore the common misconception that higher sample rates equate to better sounding audio. There is no shortage of rhetoric by self-proclaimed internet experts that by simple matter of dropping a faster processor […]

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Jamstix 2 tutorial 1: Your own studio drummer

Jamstix 2 is a VST drum plugin that is more than just a drum machine. This plugin is an entirely customizable virtual studio drummer. You can get very precise if you want to work that way, but the more impressive aspect of this software is to use it more like you might communicate with a […]

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DEAL: EZdrummer $50 rebate, OVER

This deal is no longer available Toontrack are offering a $50 rebate on their excellent EZdrummer plugin.

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dfh EZdrummer tutorial 1: Building a groove track

Toontrack’s EZdrummer is a VST plugin that functions as a drum machine. Anyone needing to create drum tracks in their home recording studio owe it to themselves to check it out. This tutorial gives an overview of how to use the build in groove library to get a drum track up and running very quickly.

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FX Tips – Delay: Cross delay

Cross delay is a trick that can be used on a track having different information on the left and right channels to enhance the lushness of the stereo image. You can use this trick on drum overheads, chorused guitar sounds, stereo keyboard patches, or any other non-mono audio track in your home recording. Here is […]

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Gearbox Plugin: Awesome deals

A few days ago, Musician’s Friend featured the Line 6 Gearbox Plugin Silver bundle as their Stupid Deal Of The Day at $100. Normally the plugin can’t be had for less than $300. It would seem this was only a hint at things to come as now the Silver and Gold bundles are available at […]

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Home Recording Basics: 3 – Recording tracks

In Home Recording Basics 1 we covered configuring your computer for recording. Home Recording Basics 2 showed you how to create and save a new project. In this installment of Home Recording Basics we are going to talk about recording your first tracks. After going through this tutorial you should be well on your way […]

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Home Recording Basics: 2 – Creating a project

In Home Recording Basics 1 we talked about getting your computer set up to operate as a DAW. The next step is to create your first project and get ready to record a few tracks. With REAPER and your soundcard properly configured, it is now time to take that next step.